The dilemma of customer orientation

The entire customer orientation of the companies is in a dilemma. In a dilemma between the desire to be customer-oriented and the extreme amount of time it takes to process the huge amount of customer feedback. The following text explains the two influencing factors in more detail.



CUSTOMER ORIENTATION is extremely important and is becoming more and more important!

The customer is and has always been the focus of successful companies. Quotes from large, successful entrepreneurs are only small indications of how important customer satisfaction is. In addition, global business relationships, transparent markets and flexible customers are making this more and more important.

Jeff Bezos, Amazon

"We see our customers as invited guests at a party and we are the hosts. Every day it is our job to make every important aspect of the customer experience a little better."

Foto: DoD photo by Senior Master Sgt. Adrian Cadiz

Sam Walton, Walmart

"There's only one boss - the customer!"

Foto: Walmart Corporate, 21.5.2011, Link zum Bild, Lizenziert nach CC By 2.0 , Dieses Bild wurde aus dem Originalbild herausgeschnitten.

Bill Gates, Microsoft

"Your most dissatisfied customers are the ones you can learn the most from."

Foto: Simon Davis/DFID


say customer orientation is important

Several studies, including the study "Survival Factor Customer Orientation" by Hendricks, Rost & CIE. GmbH prove the extreme importance of customer orientation. 

Customer orientation is increasing rapidly due to global business relationships, transparent markets and flexible customers.



The number of CUSTOMER FEEDBACK is increasing strongly!

The points of contact between end customers and companies are also increasing at an extreme pace, especially with digital touchpoints. This can only be seen from the media used, which is represented by the following picture. 

The strong increase in customer feedback can also be clearly seen when looking at individual rating portals, such as Yelp (a rating portal for restaurants). For example, the number of ratings on Yelp alone has increased by around 150% each year. (Source: Yelp, February 2018)



The dilemma of customer orientation






1 minute per feedback






Additional 2 minutes per feedback

480  hours

Take, for example, a medium-sized company that receives an average of about 10,000 feedbacks per month. Even if 60 seconds are needed to read, summarize and process this, the time required is more than 160 hours per month. And this is only the first step - the employees have to research, discuss and process the topics for further processing. It can be clearly seen: The main reason for the lack of use of customer feedback is the almost unmanageable amount of feedback. 


client orientation

customer feedback

These facts show what a dilemma companies are facing when it comes to customer orientation. On the one hand, it is a bad success factor to focus on the customer in product development and product management. On the other hand, this means unmanageable personnel expenditure, which is necessary to process the huge amount of customer feedback. This shows that it is definitely a growing dilemma of customer orientation, which makes it extremely difficult to bind the customer to a company in the long term. 



The solution to the dilemma

The software liCili enables companies to understand and process their customer feedback. For this purpose liCili provides a platform, which analyzes the feedback about customer relevance and market relevance and shows what is in it. The software thus enables the company to behave and work in a customer-oriented manner.

Customer relevance

What are the main topics in the existing feedback and how large are these clusters? The larger the circle, the more frequently this topic occurs. 

Market relevance

The market relevance indicates how high-quality and market-relevant the feedback behind a topic is. The market relevance is calculated with the help of degree of novelty, possible turnover, search volume, competition density and more. 

Single view

The single view consists of a list of all selected customer feedback, which is sorted according to relevance. An automatically generated summary of the feedback shows at a glance what this customer feedback is about. In addition to the feedback, all information selected during the upload is also displayed. Additionally the user can indicate his own relevance.

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