How customer orientation works

New digital submission channels such as rating portals, social networks, apps and chat features give companies the opportunity to get an incredible amount of feedback from their customers. This could help to develop even better and customer-oriented products and make them accessible. However, this huge amount of feedback also poses significant challenges. How can all this feedback be processed? How can you find out which feedback is important? What is mainly discussed? Which topics are also relevant in the market? We see ourselves as a solution to precisely these questions! Why? This page gives the necessary information. This page provides the necessary information. 

Overview of topics

What are the main topics of the existing customer survey and how large are these clusters? The larger the circle, the more frequently this topic is mentioned. 

Market relevance

Market relevance indicates how high-quality and market-relevant the feedback behind a topic cluster is. The market relevance is calculated with the help of degree of novelty, possible turnover, search volume, competition density and the like. 

Single view

The single view consists of a list of all customer feedback that has been selected. This is sorted under 1 according to relevance. An automatically generated summary of the feedback (2) shows at a glance what the feedback is about. In addition to the feedback (3), all information selected during the upload is also displayed (4). In addition, the user can indicate his own relevance at (5).


The analysis process


Ask for feedback

During the Customer Journey you have many different points of contact to ask the customer for feedback, for example about the performance of the service: "What can we do better?"

Upload feedback

You can collect this feedback in very different ways - in the simplest case, for example, via a survey. You export these and upload them directly to us. Then select the column you want to analyze and off you go.

Topics overview

After the evaluation, you can immediately see via a cluster which over- and subtopics are mentioned in which frequency. In addition, a red ring tells you how important these feedbacks are.

Single view

If you have identified an exciting topic on the basis of the topic overview, you can take a closer look at the feedbacks behind it in a single view. The feedbacks have an automatically generated summary and are sorted by market relevance.

Improve products

By sorting according to market relevance, you can immediately identify which feedback and which improvement idea is particularly relevant. You can incorporate these into product development and thus optimize the product on and with the customer.

Real time

liCili makes it possible to sort and evaluate customer feedback in real time.


At a glance it is possible to have an overview of the needs and topics of the customers.

Market relevance

The evaluation of the relevance allows liCili to recognize the market-relevant customer feedback. 


The software liCili allows a very high flexibility in relation to the topics and industries which are searched. 

Advantages of our solution


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Instant overview of customer feedback

Using our cluster, you can immediately see at a glance what your customers are talking about in the customer survey and how these topics have changed over time. This enables you to understand your customers quickly, clearly and transparently. 

Intelligent networking of customer and market relevance

By combining customer and market relevance, you not only recognize the topics the customer is talking about in the cluster, but also immediately recognize which topics are particularly relevant for the market. This enables you to recognize immediately which topics are relevant to customers and the market at the same time.

Flexible application of our solution in all subject areas

Our solution is designed to operate independently of any topic. This has the enormous advantage for you that with your access you can analyze very different product categories, industries or for example also employee surveys. Your flexibility is extremely important to us.

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