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The dilemma of customer orientation

Customer orientation has always been one of the cornerstones of a functioning market economy. Digital interfaces and new communication channels bring customer orientation to a completely new, unprecedented level. In addition to all the opportunities, this also brings with it a very large and constantly growing dilemma.

Customer orientation is becoming more and more important

90% of companies attach great importance to customer orientation.

More customer feedback than ever before

150% more feedback per year on various rating portals.

A calculation example for clarification 

The following calculation example is intended to illustrate how much time and money is required for 10,000 feedbacks. This does not take into account the fact that customer feedback must be examined for its relevance to the market. So how valuable are the individual feedbacks? Therefore a multiple of the given time is necessary!








Insight into our analysis of customer feedback

The software liCili offers companies the possibility to understand and process their customer feedback and customer surveys. For this purpose liCili provides a platform which analyzes and evaluates the feedback of the customer via customer relevance and market relevance.


The clustering of the liCili software makes it possible to immediately identify which topics are relevant and how. The size of the circles indicates the frequency of naming, the thickness of the ring the relevance in the respective market. Thus it is possible to decide at a glance which customer feedback is important and how important it is to further develop products and customer services in a customer-oriented way.

Single view

All feedbacks can be viewed individually in the liCili software and are also sorted by market relevance in a list. Top feedback is at the top of the list. So the individual customer feedback can help the company to improve its products and services.

*Davon ausgehend, dass pro Feedback 70 Sekunden für durchlesen, zusammenfassen, Clustern und aufarbeiten benötigt werden. 28 €/h.

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