How to analyze your customer feedback

Scope of the analysis


The free text analysis of liCili comprises three partial analyses. These include the evaluation of the topics, a market analysis and the sorting according to relevance. These are described in more detail in the following text.

Overview of topics

The first part of our evaluation of customer feedback provides an overview of the topics discussed. This results in over- and sub-topics.

Market relevance

The second part of the analysis takes each individual customer feedback of the customer survey and searches over 500 websites based on it. This allows us to derive 25 factors such as degree of novelty, competition and trend, which we calculate and weight.


The last part of the evaluation gives a list of customer feedback for each sub-topic, which is sorted according to market relevance. Thus, the most important feedback for you in the respective topic is listed at the top.

Step by step to clarity



First we need your customer feedback. To do this, upload it as an Excel file and select the column to be evaluated. Furthermore, it is possible to upload additional columns which are not analyzed.

If you have any questions about data protection, you can find more information here.

Overview of topics

Shortly after the upload you will see the topic overview, which gives you an impression of the topics your customers write about. The size of the spheres indicates the number of feedbacks per topic cluster.




Market relevance


In the topic overview, the market relevance is also displayed in the form of the red rings. The thicker the ring is, the more important and market-relevant is the topic and the customer feedback behind it. Thus you can see at a glance which customer feedback is mentioned how often and at the same time how important it is. Here you can see how this market relevance is calculated.


Single view

You use the overview to call up the individual subcategories and have an insight into the individual customer feedback. These are also sorted according to market relevance, so that the top customer feedback is the most relevant. So you no longer have to worry about unimportant and unspecific feedback.


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